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Cerakote Ceramic Coatings

We are proud to apply Cerakote brand ceramic coatings for their industry leading quality, color, corrosion resistance and thermal management. 

Cerakote High Temp

We apply ceramics that withstand temperatures of 800° - 1800°. These thermal barrier coatings add a pleasing appearance while helping to keep heat where it belongs. Exterior application can help reduce the surface temperature of exhaust pipe up to 10%. 


Insulating the interior of your exhaust help to reduce heat transfer, providing better performance and a cooler engine compartment.  Pipes are flow coated with ceramic to ensure full coverage inside bends and corners.

Turbine Coat

Put a barrier on the surface of the turbine and reduce the amount of heat transferred to the turbo from your hot exhaust gasses.  

Piston Coat

Internal components such as piston tops, valve faces and combustion chambers benefit from Piston Coat.  Designed for the combustion area. Keep heat flowing through the combustion chamber and not it's surfaces.

Thermal Transfer Coating

Protect metal surfaces and aid heat transfer with heat dissipating coating. Great for radiators, engine blocks, transmission cases, heat syncs, intercoolers and anywhere heat dissipation is needed.

Micro Slick

Micro Slick Dry Film Lubricant is a ceramic that assists in friction areas and aids in shedding of oil.  Applied where parts may slide against another.  Also used inside covers and cases to let oil slide off surfaces.

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