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Custom Powder Coating

We offer custom or project based powder coating to individuals and commercial clients. This type of work is usually one off or single batch type projects.

Individual client projects vary as much as the sky is big. They can include automotive, motorsport, home improvement and restoration items. Some examples include automotive and motorcycle parts, wheels, hand railings, or antique gas pumps. Anything conductive and able to withstand 4o0° is a candidate. Check out our portfolio gallery for more ideas of what can be coated.

Commercial clients can benefit from custom powder coating when a small batch of items need coated to a specification. We can bring your rapid prototyping to the next level with a custom finish that will allow your client to see the finished product in a stage where changes can be made with a minimal impact on time and expense. 

Small & Medium Production Run Powder Coating

We serve the manufacturing environment with the capability to run large batches of your product. An oven depth of 14 feet allows for larger manufactured items as well as batch quantity of small items to bring costs down.

We work closely with you to ensure the finish meets your customer expectation as well as helping to streamline the manufacturing process in relation to the finishing of the product. We can handle the aspects of part cleaning with multi stage pretreatment options, masking to keep coating from undesired areas of the part, post process cleaning, quality inspection and packaging.   

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